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    Default Tenancy agreements & Clean up hint # 359

    Tenancy agreements

    One of the questions most commonly asked of the Department of Building and Housing concerning tenancies is about the different types of tenancy agreements.

    According to the Residential Tenancy Act, there are three basic types of tenancy agreement. These are fixed-term tenancies, periodic tenancies, and service tenancies.

    Fixed-term tenancies are for a specific length of time and cannot be ended with notice.
    Periodic tenancies are ongoing tenancies of no fixed length that can be ended by giving notice.
    Service tenancies are related to a contract of service between the landlord as employer and the tenant as employee. A separate contract for the tenancy does not need to be drawn up in writing for there to be a service tenancy and rent may not have to be payable.
    The type of contract agreed to between the landlord and the tenant should be clearly written on the tenancy agreement. If the tenancy is for a fixed term, the date that the tenancy ends or the period that it is to last for should be written in the tenancy agreement too.

    All of the terms should be agreed to before the agreement is signed. Additional clauses may be added to a tenancy agreement as long as these are compliant with the Residential Tenancies Act and agreed by both parties.

    A property inspection report should be completed and attached to the tenancy agreement and should be signed by both the landlord and tenant when it is completed. The report should list all of the chattels provided by the landlord for the use of the tenant and any facilities that are excluded from the tenancy, and outline the condition of the property and its facilities.

    Any damage or defects should be noted on the inspection report. If the tenant is to pay for water, the water meter reading at the beginning of the tenancy should be noted on the tenancy agreement.

    Tenancy agreements should be in writing but can still be enforced if they are verbal.

    Any amendments or variations to tenancy agreements must be made and agreed to in writing by all parties to the tenancy agreement. Any additional clauses added to a tenancy agreement must be in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act.

    For detailed information about setting up, completing, amending or understanding tenancy agreements, phone the Department on 0800 83 62 62.


    Clean up hint # 359: oil spots on cement
    Ever tried to remove an unsightly patch of oil that has leaked from the car onto the cement floor of your (otherwise spotless) garage or driveway? Cat litter is the perfect thing to use, as it is great for absorbing liquid. Just pour the litter on the spot and use your foot to really grind it in. Leave it for a little while, giving it time to absorb the oil, then simply sweep it up. Repeat as needed.
    "There's one way to find out if a man is honest-ask him. If he says 'yes,' you know he is a crook." Groucho Marx

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    Quote Originally Posted by muppet View Post
    Tenancy agreements
    Fixed-term tenancies are for a specific length
    of time and cannot be ended with notice.
    But soon, if the W'gton meddlers have their way, a fixed
    term tenancy can only be ended by giving notice, by the
    PI. It doesn't seem to apply to the tenant, in the normal
    perverted socialist view of equality.


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