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    Default Lets here what they have to say


    I have read some posts from other forums about ESC and RM and KPI.

    Namely this little beauty post here->


    There is a huge b$%$% fight going on not only in Aus but in NZ regarding these "Get Rich" schemes.

    In order to understand what this is all about and give Phil Jones a chance to speak I have sent him a private message on housemouse inviting him to speak to us about his courses and his KPI mag and also state why the new property investors mag advertises itself as "Independent" which to me is a blatant slap in the face for KPI mag.

    I hope this is okay with you marc.

    STATEMENT - I am not related to Phil Jones either through business or pleasure and I have not been on any of his courses and I have not been paid to post this.



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    Kapiti in New Zealand


    Hi Larry,

    sure as long as we are not going to end up doing more damage than good.

    Best regards


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    Still no word - I will give him a week to respond. Then I will ring them up and ask them to come here and educate us.


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    "Independant" is such a tricky word. Tarawera Publishing aka Good Returns do more than just publish.

    Their online bookstore (very well run by all accounts) is promoted in the magazine. In the first issue they did a book review and then said buy from Good Returns rather than pushing the authors website - or both sites. Will they only review books that GR can sell?

    Tarawera are very involved in publishing for the financial services industry which has been at odds with property investment because they can't sell anything to property investors and make a buck (which we all like to do, right!). It will be interesting to see how Tarawera juggle the two industries and if they get any flack from either side for their involvement with the other.

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    Default Phil Jones

    Hi Larry,

    Sorry only just seen your email in housemouse today. I don't frequent these forums much they tend to full of negative windgers with their own agendas.

    Marc has kindly set up a forum and for the next week I'll answer questions so go to that forum and fire away.


    Thank you for raising you points, very good observations.

    I would like to add one small gem given to me my a committee member of the Auckland Property Investors Association in the last 10 days....

    "your right, I don't think the publisher of the NZPIF Property magazine is a property investor!"

    A Property Magazine run by someone that doesn't invest in property - an interesting concept.

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    Default he said she said

    I was really hoping this topic wouldn't be raised on PT as it has turned into a slanging match on other forums.

    However the responses provided so far seem to be civil.

    I am in no way associated with ESC.

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    Jul 2003
    Kapiti in New Zealand


    Hello inzvestor,

    I feel the same way - I have seen the slanging matches on other forums as well and have not been impressed. With help from the moderators I hope to keep this on a professional level.

    Best regards



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