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    Default Landlords.co.nz Temporarily Offline

    Hi People,

    Just letting you know that we are having webhosting problems ( )

    But we will be back online ASAP.


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    Sep 2003
    High up above and deep down under


    Hi Craig

    Had noticed that your website was down.

    Have also noticed that postings during the last month or so had picked up.

    Good luck.


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    Jul 2003
    Kapiti in New Zealand


    Hello Craig!

    Whats happened? Your site now has "Welcome to the Truman State" and a link to it?? If you have been hacked please tell me and I can help you with some security messures I have located on nukecops.



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    Default yo

    Well the webhost itself was hacked ( our site wasnt targeted)

    its pointing at that domain as its the first listing in the virtual servers.. just waiting for the restore of my files from backup. Although I think i may loose a couple of days postings...

    Will have a secondary backup procedure from now on to ensure i dont loose any data next time..

    Also looking at other web hosts... So reccommendations are welcome.

    Definately not the most stress free weekend

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    Sep 2003


    Seems to be back online now.

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    Default Yep - back online

    Its back online, and on a new webhost.

    Hopefully the last problems for a loooong time


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