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    Jul 2005


    To: Ivanhoe

    Dear Ivanhoe,

    Group Email To All CPIA Members

    Subject: Summer Garden Competition

    This is a reminder that the closing date for entries to the CPIA Summer Garden Competition is next Tuesday, 12th December.

    Entries must be in the office by that date.

    Thank you to the members who have entered to date.

    Judging is taking place on Saturday 27th January

    Kind regards,

    B***** N***

    CPIA Office Manager

    PO Box 8598



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    Jun 2005
    auckland New Zealand


    Wonderful News:
    I am coming to Christchurch PIA either May or June!!

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    Dec 2005


    Hey yeah thats great news Dean, looking forward to it already!

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    Unhappy Cpia

    OK so i feel i need to jump to the defence of the CPIA.

    True things like the garden comp. and some people's views of property investing can seem very... well...interesting?!?

    There are a number of really switched on investors there. With membership of over 600 you are bound to have a few people who are not wanting to push the envelope of to what they could possibly achieve.

    Well with Dean coming to speak next year hopefully it will give a few members a kick up the butt and inspire them to get out there and do it properly.

    Drelly - The tall bloke with red hair and a goatee, is the CPIA president (newly appointed) i think he is slowly sorting things out??


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