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Thread: nz financing

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    Default nz financing

    hi marc fellow kiwis go the allblacks will be in hamilton nz nov1 visiting folks & looking for cash flow ip s to invest in not sure of the protocol regarding getting finance since my current morgages are over here probably a dumb ? appreciate your ideas and experiences
    kind regards

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    Hi Chris,

    Go the All Blacks !!!

    Okay if you are a kiwi living overseas you should have no issues with applying for an NZ loan - of course that statement comes with huge caveats since I don't know your situation!

    One thing I would recommend is that you get a mortgage broker to help you out. We have a listing of recommended mortgage brokers on thsi web site. Each person on this list has been recommended by someone who has used them.


    The listing has just started so its a bit lite but there is still enough people to get you started.

    I would also have a think about how you would structure your assets - who would own them? You, a trust? a company - maybe a LAQC?

    Read this article on structures on NZ as a starting point - also note the other sections we have on PT.


    Best Regards



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