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    Default My Favorites: Essential Threads for New Investors (and old)

    Hi Guys

    As I answer peoples questions here I often find myself spending 10-15 minutes searching sometimes fruitlessly for that post or thread that I remember that answered the question perfectly. I'm also concerned that overwhelmed by the sheer bulk of it, many people might miss the wonderful threads and info that can be found off the front page of each forum, in the dark dim and sometimes dusty recesses of PropertyTalk!

    So I thought what I might do is attempt to list in various categories some of what I think are the most essential reads for new investors (And re-reads occasionally for the rest of us)

    I've cut this up into several posts (Who knew there was a maximum post length? I'm betting only Mini-Mogul ever hit it )

    Please feel free to join me with your suggestions, and if I agree with you I will add your suggestions to the list. Also if you think any of these shouldn't be on the list for example if the book suggestions or the links are repetitive or no longer work let me know

    Thus far I have only searched all the way through the property investment (NZ) forum. I'll do the others over the next wee while. If anyone wants to volunteer to do a forum for me... Just post the sorted links or PM me with them.

    Of course my advice to new investors and people who are new to PT is to READ IT ALL! But if you don't have the time then these are what I think are the must reads:

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    Default The Basics

    The Basics:
    A landlord's tool-kit of products.
    How much do you calculate for maintenance ?
    How much would you pay
    GETTING Property valuation before buying
    Top 5 tips for newbies?
    Advice for young generation
    Rules for Purchasing IP's
    Solicitor's fees
    Advice on creating a plan please!
    Thinking of attending a seminar. Then here are some rules.
    So you started making heaps of offers...
    Property Investment Questions
    Questions to ask a Property Manager?
    The importance of planning and research
    How to Find Troubled Properties
    Where are the cash flow deals?
    Understanding Yield
    The value of a property manager.
    My first property hunting expedition, what ?'s should I ask
    Multiple Offers
    Tips and Gems
    Acronym, glossary, abbreviation & TLA FAQ
    Equity - how does it work?
    Researching Towns
    Property Analysis software
    Are you borrowing from the govt to support your IP?
    Some Questions For Property Investors on Long Term Goals
    How to handle an auction ?
    Property Guru
    Land Info Memo
    Power Negotiating......Learn to Flinch
    The Myths of Property
    Revolving Credit
    Welcome and please read this!

    Added: 5/11/06
    Dumb and Dumber - Tax Refund Question
    When Will My Rent Income Start??
    The Carpet Debate: Depreciation or Expense?
    What actually happens to the deposit??
    Getting the Structure Right
    Buying Without Real Estate Agents
    Debt to Service Ratio

    Added: 14/11/06:
    Credit check
    A landlord's tool-kit of skills
    Selling rental property with tenants
    How much bond to collect?
    Putting Rent Up - for the first time! help!
    Advertising for rent
    Finding tenants promptly and effectively?
    Pre-tenancy forms and checks
    When should a tennant hand over bond and rent for a rental
    Abbreviations used in To Let Adverts
    What To Do With Bond?

    Added: 13/04/07
    Financial fluency...
    What to do before unconditional!!
    Getting started
    How to be a good Negotiator...
    Great questions to ask a real estate agent
    Pre-settlement Inspection
    Learning real estate agent tricks...
    Do real estate agents have to tell the truth?
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    Default Inspiration, Personalities & Knowledge sharing

    Inspiration, Personalities & Knowledge sharing:
    Lowest Purchase Price ???
    My First Trade
    What's so scary about honesty?
    My first deal - Yippie!!! Episode II
    Seeking Little Gems of Wisdom
    Retired from Property People?
    Advice required...to sell or not to sell...
    poor son to ?
    My First Deal - Yippee!!!
    First trade under contract!!
    First property: and its a do-up
    Is this a good deal??
    Advice on my first IP?
    Starting off - Two cheapies, or one mid-range?
    Pre-tax Cashflow + anyone?
    Don't believe you can't buy at a discount
    Know how to make money, not earn it
    Introduction and Questions!!!!!!
    Please could someone give me some advice
    To buy or not to buy? What do you think?
    Inspirational Story from one of our Pt members
    How's this for a bad start?
    What are your property "No-No's"
    Investment tips By Whittaker Hamilton
    How to make a fortune and lose it all.
    Property prophets have their say
    captial gains and yields
    Winners & Losers
    Gems from Chris's postings
    And another newbie..
    Getting Started
    The Journey - Chris Ashenden
    Positive Cashflow
    What’s the all purpose of property investment???
    Investment Opportunity
    Buying real estate when prices are rising may be dangerous
    How bad is too bad an area and where would you buy?
    Wow!!! On the verge of First IP investment
    Take the money & run?
    1st IP - Settled, I have the Key and the tenant!
    Pooling Resources
    How it's all done - an inspiration
    The path to beat for my first IP
    Fanatical Poster!!
    To buy or not to buy another investment property
    What motivates people beyond a goal?
    Cash Deposit vs Existing Equity for first deposit
    Lessons we could learn from long term investors
    Some Questions for investors that have sold.
    Sell or stay put?
    Quick Cash Deal
    Are we on the right track
    Show us your numbers!
    2004 property goals
    A most amazing story!!

    Added: 5/11/06
    What made you start investing?
    Better Cashflow by Reducing Expenses
    Finding tenancy debtors
    Need advice...yes I have used the search function
    Wrong Advice !??
    Bye, Bye Student Life
    Grasp the basics !!??
    No money down?
    Expenses (Again)
    Buying Bare land and Leasing

    Added: 15/11/06:
    My thread.
    Husband and Son embarking on first do up
    Photos from recent renovation

    Added: 13/04/07:
    Settled on our 1st INVEST Property
    First trade sold.
    Xmas '06 challenge.
    Cult following and you? "Rich Dad Poor Dad"
    Bouncing around like Tigger!
    Goals for 2006
    The importance of goals
    The Yellow 2002 Lamborghini Murcielago of Graeme Fowler
    Keith Cunninghams Business School, Sydney Australia
    The deals are out there
    Who wants to be motivated?
    You are who you hang out with.
    Cashflow in the USA our story
    Steve Goodey My Story
    How To Make Great Decisions (2)
    Ron Hoy Fong - My Story
    Goals - what are yours?
    So who's done something exciting this past week?
    What did you achieve in 2004?
    101 Handy Hints
    Questions for all.
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    Default Investment Strategies

    Investment Strategies:
    Buying Criteria
    Help!!! With figures on subdivision trade!!
    Developing and Mistakes?
    Holiday Home / Business
    What are the really big ideas?
    Trading, Hunting, Holding, philosphy of PI...
    Do you think this will work?
    Anyone with overseas properties?
    Boarding house or multi-room rental property?
    Lease Options Gurus - how do you...
    Choosing yeild over location?
    Minor Dwelling or Home + Income
    Finding CF+ properties
    Something that's been bothering me for a while.
    Sandwich Lease Option - Risk Mitigation
    Best time to invest
    Will this work?
    Trading as an option for a newbie
    5 x 50k property or 1 x 250k property
    To sell or not to sell - that is the question
    Rent or own PPOR
    How much is enough?
    Commercial Property
    A way to ease into your first IP?
    To buy or to build
    CF +ve, for how long?
    Recycling the deposit?
    Mortgage or mortgage free?
    Move A House onto a section
    2 bdrms or more?...
    Property investment strategy - advice please!
    relocating houses on to a site!
    strategy to get out of the rat race in 2 years...
    Changing long term strategies...
    Grow rich with the property cycle
    strategies to allow funding 6properties a year...
    Commercial Property
    Higher yield = Higher Risk?
    Building an IP
    Buying in Small Towns.
    House Moving as the creation of a Do Up
    Home and Income Properties
    Flats versus houses
    The benefits of Positvely Geared Property
    Investing in the "bad" areas?
    Investing in NZ - Watch where you buy

    Added: 5/11/06
    Better off in the Bank?
    Leasehold Property
    Turning Leasehold Land into Freehold?

    Added: 14/11/06
    Renters can make gains over the long term - Mary Holm

    Added: 15/11/06:
    Thinking of developing, don't know where to start
    Does anyone buy Renovate and sell for profit

    Added: 13/04/07:
    Managing multiple deals
    Capital gains and inflation adjustment
    So you want to be a millionaire
    What are the really big ideas?
    The ethics of wrapping
    Trading Properties
    Property ramblings
    Choose and compare your niche market
    How do you buy below market value property
    What about washing windows to earn some extra PI money?
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    Can we make it a sticky so as we can find them as required please.


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