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Thread: Hats off RM

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    Rats... Well I got that wrong then.

    And of course I made the classic mistake of a philosopher... I used deductive reasoning when empirical evidence was available which settled the question

    It basically depends on how you want to use the tilde, you could either put it at the start of a sentence to indicate that the whole sentence is false, or you could as you suggest just put it in place of the word not.

    In other words either:
    ~the world is nice
    of the world is ~nice

    Both are acceptable and have pretty much the same meaning.


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    That was a funny read, haven't logged in for a few days. Pajisan explained it well. The hiragana's are Rya Ryu Ryo Ra Ri Ru Re Ro I'm not a betting man neither always sh#t out of luck


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