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Thread: Quotes

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    Question Quotes

    How do I pull quotes from other peoples threads to start my own thread?
    I do not want to reply to their thread, but want to start my own thread using an interesting sentence from their thread, allowing people on my thread to see where the quote originates from.

    Scott Miller - Mortgage Broker
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    Hi Scoob,

    1. To create a link from the original thread/post, go to the thread you wish to refer to, cut and paste the URL from your browser into the new thread/post. For example:


    This will automatically create the link to the original thread.

    2. To create a quote, cut and paste the words you wish to quote into a new message. Then click on the yellow speech bubble button (just above where you type your message. If you hover your mouse over it, it will say 'Wrap QUOTE tags around selected text'.) It's the button at the end of the row, along from the B I U buttons for bold, italics and underlining.....

    This should do it!

    Hope that makes sense. I am assuming you know what 'cut and paste' means. PM me if you need more help. And if you muck it up, I can fix it up for you! :-)

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    Sometimes the URL Address does not change (mine doesn't), so you need to Right Click on the Thread you want to reference and Select Open In New Window, this will give you the appropriate URL Address.


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    Ivi -I think this because you access the forums through www.propertytalk.co.nz rather than www.propertytalk.com.

    It probably has something to do with the redirection from the old .co.nz site to the newer .com one.

    Go to www.propertytalk.com and you will see your URL changing as you navigate around.

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    Yes that was it Lisa, all fine now.



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