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    Quote Originally Posted by xris View Post
    Whatever happened to capital letters and spelling for example?
    xris <<<< Like this, you mean?
    (As in 1st letter capitalisation of proper nouns.)

    Sorry; couldn't resist that dig.

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    I am thrilled to see the Richmastery team are indicating that they do not want to see the Kiwi Property Investor magazine disappear entirely.

    As a serious property investor, I am looking forward to a fresh new direction for KPI and I sincerely hope they will inject this into the magazine. I have to be honest; the content of KPI over the last year has become progressively more difficult for me to understand.

    I personally would find it far more comfortable if the covers of the magazine focussed on scantily clad women, sweating women, women blowing bubbles with bubble gum, and maybe the odd cover with vegetables on as well. The publication must become more inclusive, and welcome the readers of reputable publications such as FHM and Ralph into the property investment fold (with content to match!).

    The new and improved KPI could also be an excellent forum for older and formerly successful male property developers and investors to remodify, reinvent or otherwise rehash the material that has served them so well in the past, to a whole new audience.

    May your seminars, dancing and firewalking turn to gold.

    Marcus Freeboy

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    Thumbs up Interesting

    I have really enjoyed reading all the posts on this, even the trasshy one with CAPITALS in, lol. I agree with Kieran and Whittaker that both magazines are good, so I read both of them each month.

    I used to think NZ Property was rather hopeless, but it has improved greatly in recent times. Now KPI is obviously having some issues. Imho with regards to KPI, I believe that the tabs are stupid, and that the lifestyle section they have is not the greatest. Their content is large though, and they have a pool of great writers - including Bob Jones, who is an entertaining read.

    There is a fine line between advertorial and editorial and both magazines with their guest contributors cross that line from time to time imo. This happens is all sorts of publications and is not that big a deal to me.

    With KPI Magazine in receivership it needs to be thrown a lifeline. There is room for two quality magazines in the marketplace - I do hope someone steps in to pick up the financial mess that KPI finds itself in.

    Last edited by David_W; 18-08-2006 at 03:49 PM.

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    xris, you're right, with the exception of signature links which are sacrosanct
    Very cheeky link in your sig there cat, very cheeky indeed.

    On another aside, when there are threads that involve the demise of an organisation there seem to be a significant number of "first time posters" encouraged to give their entirely unbiased view of the situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xris View Post
    . Whatever happened to capital letters and spelling for example? A whole generation is growing up thinking btw and imho is normal English.
    Well said that man! My particular favourite is the word 'brought' instead of 'bought'. For example "I have just brought a house"
    OH REALLY where did you bring it to?

    OK - you can all get back to the subject of the thread now
    Jo Birch
    Looking for someone to manage your next project or event? Then call now!
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    The more intersting tie up is the realtionship with Brad Sugars, David Howe and Phil Jones. KPI went downhill IMO when it became another vechile of ra-ra marketing. The old magazine while far less exposed, the one DH and PJ brought to my understanding, was great.

    All of this can be related to a particular approach espoused first by Rich Dad Poor Dad whose student was BS whose students were David Howes and Phil Jones. All of these people/approaches have been crtiqued at one time or another for their exagerated claims of how easy wealth is created (or in this case lost).

    This is not to say there is truth in their message, there certainly is. But when you push the envelope it closes. Indeed what I like about RM is there education is sound while their claims may not be.

    Everyone is a star in good times. I saw it in the sharemarket and I saw it in property (and no I was not a bystander). The difference is to claim to be a guru when you enter at this time is to take credit for what is not yours.

    PJ and DH split and it would appear there was no love lost. it would be fun to be a fly on the wall at their dinner parties!

    RM (ala. PJ) while having again IMO a great message has adopted the same approach to market and as is envitable, critiqued. I don't understand why they don't go for a more sustainable approach by adopting whole truth without spin.

    1) You can't disguise a magazine as an advertisement an expect the marketplace to buy in to it.

    2) Ask DEEP questions and rely ONLY on stats to help explain the truth behind gurus.

    3) Never confirm what is said but what is not said. When these guys saying: Longest running such and such read as 'Few businesses in this space existed prior'. When they say 'gurus', ask why. Get peer reviews, look for real unrelated answers and the sausage behind the sizzle will be lacking.

    There have been a lot of self-appointed gurus who came to fame in the last boom and some started magazines. It was a boom created by a perfect alignment of factors that we will never see again. These included not only the stuff that Trass talks about but the growth of the Internet, the exposure of NZ, and boomers having money.

    Watch the next few years. All of this will die down, include the print. Even PT is talking about God now instead of property.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cat View Post
    xris, you're right, with the exception of signature links which are sacrosanct
    I am with Xris here.

    You shouldn't really andvertise a your site on a competitors one. I sometimes refer across but only where the debate there is slow and I know a good thread has been over here.

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    Default Paul


    Your perspective is interesting but a lot of it untrue. For the record, KPI's highest ever profitability and circulation was achieved prior to Oct 2004 (when Mr Hows became solely involved).

    We would however value your thoughts on the new release of our web site and services which is counting down for release on our web site now. Drop in to our site in a couple of weeks and appraise the radical shift in the value we will be providing our clients. I think you'll like were we are heading and we would value your feedback on what other improvements we can make to serve you and the other members of this forum more fully.
    Last edited by Richmastery; 18-08-2006 at 09:53 PM. Reason: .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heg View Post
    Well said that man! My particular favourite is the word 'brought' instead of 'bought'. For example "I have just brought a house"
    OH REALLY where did you bring it to?

    OK - you can all get back to the subject of the thread now
    Hold on Heg.. I'll indulge in a thread distraction for a second, too.

    My favourite. most irritating one (and agents are the worse offenders here!).. .. is where they advertise a house that is 'sort after' rather than 'sought after'. Huh?!?!

    OK... now you can go back to the thread..

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    Quote Originally Posted by BusyLizzy View Post
    OK... now you can go back to the thread..
    Not so fast, there's "but" and "and". People get those totally confused.
    Wealth vs Health - why have both when you can gorge on one?


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