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    Default Kiwi Property Investor Magazine in Receivership

    As a responsible member of the Real Estate industry we wish to advise:

    At 5.37pm on the 16th August 2006 Richmastery Ltd put Paper Ventures Limited the company that owns and prints the Kiwi Property Investor Magazine and Buy a Business Magazine into Receivership for unpaid debts.

    Richmastery Ltd has had no involvement with the Kiwi Property Investor Magazine, Paper Ventures, its Director, David Hows or any other companies he has been associated with since October 2004. Richmastery Ltd only became a secured creditor recently.

    All inquiries should be directed to the Receiver who is now in control of the Paper Ventures business which is:

    Arron Heath
    Meltzer Mason Health

    The Receiver will be in contact with advertisers and customers in due course.
    Last edited by Richmastery; 17-08-2006 at 02:26 PM. Reason: .

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    How much of those magazines does Paper Ventures still control?

    I thought Saltwater Terrace Holdings had the lions share?

    Total Number of shares 10,983,883
    Saltwater Terrace Holdings 10,255,883

    mmm, that's 93%

    actually scratch that, I guess they just lost their money
    Last edited by cat; 17-08-2006 at 03:28 PM.
    Wealth vs Health - why have both when you can gorge on one?

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    That's a shame - I like getting that magazine


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    Like Donna I really hope that magazine can be saved. It is a fantastic read, but it looks like they have had some management issues.

    I am going to make some enquiries and see if it can be resurrected relatively promptly. What I like about KPI Magazine is that it is written by property investors predominantly and not financial journalists unlike the other magazine (NZ Ppty).


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    For the record, most of the people involved with the NZ Property Magazine, including the editor, the designer and the writers are property investors themselves or have some involvement as investors.
    A key difference between the magazines is that NZ Property generates orginal, objective articles rather than advertorial dressed up as editorial.
    It would be nice (and professional) if people made some effort to determine the facts before making posts.
    Clearly the bulk of readers consider it the better magazine as its sales figures grow consistently and far more strongly that KPI.

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    Now now boys. Both mags have always been pretty good IMHO. In fact many people don't even realise that they are 2 different publications. They both do an incredible service to NZPI as they provide huge information base to us as investors they we would have to hunt down at great cost and time to ourselves. So if KPI doesn't reappear lets hope NZPI continues and improves what is already a great read.

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    You don't honestly think Richmastery would let the magazine die now do you?

    What were all those Ds again - death, divorce, d'bank, desperation... This is a great way to force a sale at a satisfactory price. On the other hand maybe they just wanted their bills paid???
    Wealth vs Health - why have both when you can gorge on one?

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    Hi Phillip

    Nice to see you back on Propertytalk.

    However a question for you:
    Why have you on your site, www landlords co nz, tampered with people's signatures that mentioned propertytalk.

    When I went to my signature one day I was redirected back to landslords website

    Funny, I thought, someone is a bit touchy about the Propertytalk Forum.

    "There's one way to find out if a man is honest-ask him. If he says 'yes,' you know he is a crook." Groucho Marx

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    Quote Originally Posted by muppet View Post
    Hi Phillip

    Nice to see you back on Propertytalk.

    However a question for you:
    Why have you on your site, www landlords co nz, tampered with people's signatures that mentioned propertytalk.

    When I went to my signature one day I was redirected back to landslords website
    Are you serious!?
    Why would anyone do that?
    What next, groin guards!?

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    Jun 2004


    Hi Philip

    Welcome to propertytalk and congratulations on your very first post. I too have tried to cross link propertytalk in the past in the Landlords website only to have found my post deleted or otherwise altered to remove propertytalk. That may have been a technological issue though - I cannot be certain there.

    I really like your new format and appreciate that you have tried to improve editorial content, so I will give credit where it is due. There is room for two quality magazines in the market place, so long may that stand, to benefit consumers. Please accept my apologies for not appreciating that the editor and designer and some writers are investors in property. It is fantastic that they are, and I will correct this misconception held by many within my network. From a personal perspective, I particularly like John May's articles and would love to see more of his style of writing.

    In my opinion Philip, it would be wonderful if you could have far more content from the local property investors associations. On talking to several dedicated PropertyTalk members and colleagues on the APIA Board and fellow members, we feel that NZ ppty magazine should really back the local property investor associations that do so much fantastic work for all property investors. We are only talking a couple more pages each issue, and this little bit more abundance would not go amiss. One would say that your subscriber may even go up, and therefore advertising revenue increaing etcetera. Just a thought?

    Anyway we are looking forward to seeing you more regularly in the PT forums, and hearing your response about more pages for local PIAs.

    Last edited by David_W; 18-08-2006 at 03:42 AM. Reason: spelling


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