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    Default Real Estate Mapping... Is it the global real estate agent of the future?

    I have been watching the fascinating and exciting development of on-line mapping internationally for over a year now and am amazed at the rapid enhancements being achieved.

    In fact it looks like mapping may even replace the need to view properties with agents... I know mapping technology cant easily take care of the negotiations between vendor and purchaser but who knows where this technology will take us!

    I say this because the latest 'beta' mapping sites are being developed and now we can actually get street views!!! It's almost like being there!

    With this technology we should soon be able to search a city for properties for sale (anywhere in the world) then check out the state of the neighbouring houses before having a walk through tour of the property for sale... all without leaving home!

    Imagine where this technology can take us especially if combined with on-line ph calls with all the relevant info for the property (LIM, E-Valuer etc,etc,etc) PLUS live video teleconferencing so you can talk in person and negotiate with the vendor!!!

    This opens up a whole new world for the real estate industry!

    Check these 2 beta sites under development.

    Personally I considered creating a 'mapping' business model for property listings early this year for NZ but abandoned the project for various reasons (not the least being that trademe will occupy this space and I see trademe already have mapping called Smaps on their site now, which I suspect shortly will have all their property listings etc on it).

    So is Real Estate Mapping going to become the global real estate conduit for buying and selling?
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