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    Default Leaking bricks walls.

    We have a brick veneer house, 1970 vintage. When its pouring rain and the wind is howling from the northeast, water leaks through the brick wall.

    Has anybody had this experience, and do you have any solutions that work.

    This only happens on the northeast wind which comes from the ocean. Other sides of the house aren't affected by the wind and rain.

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    Hello brendan,

    Paint the bricks.


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    If water is getting through the bricks there should be a cavity to stop the internal wall getting wet. How high is the ground level outside? sometimes strong wind and rain can cause surface water to be blown back through weep holes (in the first row of bricks) which will cause dampness on the bottom of the internal wall.

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    Hi Brendan

    There should indeed be cavity system and building paper/wrap on the exterior frames. However if this is not the case you have some options.

    I would recommend:

    1) Removal and replacement of bricks to the effected areas (best if a major issue and if you are keeping it)

    2) Patch up by using cement or plaster and oxides to match the colour of the bricks and grout.

    I would recommend you get a bricklayer in to look at it in any case.


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    Bricks usually have a gap in the grouting about every 3 bricks at the top and bottom of the wall to let air circulate and prevent leaky buildings. It may be that in the area of interest something has changed which is causing problems. Perhaps grouting cracked or gaps often blocked which may cause problems but be easily fixed.


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