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    Default Rent Review Tips & Techniques


    In the residential property forum, there is a "tips" post for residential property investors. I thought that was a great idea.

    As a commercial property investor, I'm interested in the techniques that people have used, to increase commercial rents at rent review time, (apart from just getting a standard market rental valuation done and then negotiating with the tenant).

    After all, as commercial property investors, it's our job to "farm" our tenants and to make sure the rents are at, at least true market value.

    During times like now, there's not too much problem getting a rent increase due to market forces, however, that will all change in time to come.

    What tips and techniques can you share, that have worked for you, when trying to obtain a rent increase?

    Your input can help us all and I'm looking forward to hearing from anyone that has something to share in this area.

    Cheers - Pete.

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    One that's worked well for me is:

    Firstly, I find out what the true market rental is for the particular property that is coming up for rent review, so I know roughly what dollar amount the square meter rental rate should be.

    I then meet with the tenant and say something like, "instead of me getting a market valuation done, I'm happy for a 5% (for example) rental increase. If you're not happy with that, I'm happy to get a market rental valuation done, but if the market rental says that the rent should go up 12% (for example), then I will be likely to seek that 12% increase".

    Of course, being an investor, I will always know what the current market rental is likely to be, before I use this technique, therefore, not shooting myself in the foot by obtaining a rent increase that is less than where it should actually be.


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    I also want to know about house rental.I seem it is the good business.I want start this business when know deeply then i start.firstly i need update news.Please help me someone who know about rental business.


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    Are you not selling rentals in the US?

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    Well if you want to start with one year lease so you won't be able to increase the rent unless the time period ended and if you wanna go with monthly lease so you have right to increase the rent 10% (or less).

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    This is a helpful and useful stuff for property. Thanks for sharing.


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