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    Default Good accountant in Chch

    Hello forum-ites,

    does anyone know a decent accountant in Chch? I run three small businesses including an LAQC so need someone that understands property investment but also small business in general.

    Any help much appreciated.

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    Nov 2005


    Welcome and an interesting name, especially coming as it does today. I though Keith Park may have been more apt though.

    Last edited by xris; 25-04-2006 at 09:21 PM.

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    Jul 2005


    colin bomba harris, welcome to PT.
    You can give Chch property investor assotiation a ring, they will recommend some (sorry, dont have names and addresses handy) http://www.cpia.co.nz/
    My accountant must be good (just started but know some cool people are clients of his). Not sure if he's taking more at present, will ask him and get back to you in couple of days.
    xris - what was the point of your post? was it just to introduce new PT member to your variety of "sence of humor"? in the past you at least tried to say something useful along the way too, eh?

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    Nov 2005


    Hello Ivanhoe,

    Well I suppose it was in a way. I thought it was mildly amusing, as I still do, in much the same way as Colin might have thought it mildly amusing to call himself Bomba Harris.

    Having said that, I must stress that I am not in any way trying to mock Arthur Harris or Keith Park, both of whom I hold in the highest possible regard.

    I am both glad and grateful that you at least can see an attempt at a sence of humor in some of my posts.

    Last edited by xris; 25-04-2006 at 10:53 PM.

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    Aug 2005


    Hi Colin

    Check out a previous thread, it offers several names.


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    Default Re

    Hi Colin,

    I am a dual qualified Chartered Accountant and Registered Property Valuer operating in Christchurch and have worked for a number of years as a property investment analyst. Would be interested in talking with you further.


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    Jan 2006

    Default Am in need of same...

    ... (excellent tax accountant in chch) so if anyone is PMing Colin, please PM me too!

    By the way, I've been blown away by the difference in charges between the two accountants I have already spoken to. One (a company) was recommended to me by a property investor acquaintance, and one (an individual) by a real estate agent from whom I bought a property (who said she was not happy with her present accountant and had had this guy recommended to HER) - interestingly, the former was way more expensive than the latter. Wish I felt I could mention names here, any feedback on either/or would be useful, especially as the latter individual SEEMED to be pretty good...


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    May 2004


    These are the three that members of the CPIA have offered as recommendations:

    Steve McKee 358 7412

    Greg Richards of Richards Financial Services
    357 9947 or 025 226 9724

    Philip Stockbridge 337 4677

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    Hi all,

    thanks for all the replies. Really helpful.

    By the way, Colin Bomba Harris doesnt have anything to do with
    Arthur Harris or Keith Park. It is the name of a character from Monty Pythons Flying Circus who is very good at performing wrestling matches against himself.




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