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    Default Credit Check Forms

    With the new Credit Reporting Privacy Code now in force, has any one updated their credit check forms?

    If so do you have any samples that others can use?

    For the Credit Reporting Privacy Code see:
    http://www.privacy.org.nz/CRPC%20revised%20edn%20march%2006%20with%20comment aries.pdf

    Baycorp has required everyone to re-register.
    From the code and descriptions it looks like I should be able to perform 3 types roles.
    Land Lord - to check potential tenants.
    Credit provider - when a tenant misses a payment I an providing credit.
    Debt Collector - When things go wrong I do file proceedings with the courts.

    I have not had my re-registration confirmed yet. Have others been successful in registering for these roles?
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    We've had our re-registration with Baycorp confirmed. It took about 10 days from the application and I've used the service successfully since re-registaring.

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    The file is 44 pages long. Anybody who has read it care to give a summary on how it effects us and what may need changing on a credit check form?


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