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    Default A few tips for overseas investors

    Hi all,

    If you live overseas and are keen to look into NZ properties then I would like to share some tips with you.

    1) Maori land claims - I will not get into the politics related to land claims within NZ but please check out any land/property you are thinking of buying for land claims before you buy. There is a formal document known as the Treaty of Waitangi - a very powerful and controversial treaty. The Maori are not happy with the treaty and there is a formal process where by Maori can claim back lost land or seek compensation from the Crown. Its not really a big deal in major cities but could be in more rural areas. I would check with the local council in the area you are researching and also see what the local Iwi (local Maori community) have to say about the area.

    2) Gangs - When gangs establish themselves in towns there is no hope of getting them out - even the local police avoid the streets that they live in! Please check with the local police for any hotspot areas. It may explain why there is such a "bargain" on sale!

    3) Check with the local council about any new development especially roading works. You may find that there is a new super highway going through your area! The reason why I would state this is that NZ's major highway - State Highway 1 - can be reduced to one lane each way and a speed limit of 50km's in some areas. Obviously this has to change and it will slowly but surely.

    Here are some links ->

    Council web sites

    Facts on New Zealand

    If I can think of any more tips I will add them here.

    Best regards



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