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    Feb 2006
    Miramar / Wellington, New Zealand

    Exclamation *** HELP requested... ***

    Hi there,
    For two months now I am on the lookout for articles, to be published on the PropertyTalk website. 4 of the 6 geographical regions covered by us do not pose major problems, there are quite a few articles around...

    However for "Asia" and our own Country "New Zealand", it is a lot harder!

    I would really appreciate it if you would notify me in case you know any sources of meaningful articles or reports on everything connected with the Real Estate Industry in New Zealand (or Asia). A name or (even better) a weblink would be all I need to approach the contact, introduce PropertyTalk and myself, etc.

    Many thanks in advance for your help...

    Kind Regards

    PS Copyright is always and strictly respected
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    "Carpe Diem"


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