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    Default What parts

    Hi Whitt

    I was interested in quotes for the common tasks involved in up grading a property. Prepaint work often seems expensive and painting quotes vary from 3000-7000 for a house from what I can tell.

    Landscaping is another where there is huge variation.

    Good to see some guidelines coming in.

    As a guide what is the hourly rate for general handyman/tradesman: The likes that do the odd non technical jobs and a little bit of building?

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    Christchurch, New Zealand


    Hi there

    We're in Christchurch.

    - Building an additional room: I've been told by a builder to allow around $1000 per square metre for additions (ie building on).

    - Painting roof. I believe a friend of ours who is a painter charged around $5000 last time he painted a roof. Depends on the size, amount of prep needed and so onl

    - Building a deck - my husband built our deck, it was a big one, around 4 metres by 4 metres. Materials cost aorund $1000, and would take a tradesperson I suppose a couple of days, so I guess you'd be looking at $2000 for a big deck.

    - New kitchen. We DIYed most of our kitchen, with a benchtop custom made by a factory (we had two alternative designs for the benchtop, one was $1600 and the other was $2300). We got relatively top line appliances - self-cleaning oven and a wide gas hob set us back around $3000 total. Had to get a proper gas installer to fit the hob, but we had an instant hot water system and gas tanks installed at the same time. Installation of the hob, tanks and hot water system cost in the region of $1800.

    - New bathroom. For a small, basic bathroom, replacing vinyl, shower cubicle, vanity and installing a heater, I was quoted around $7000. Friends of ours who had a bigger bathroom in a rural area that needed total revamping were quoted $25,000.

    - Carpet a standard room - el cheapo is about $70 per square metre and rather nicer is around $150 per square metre. Look out for deals that carpet companies sometimes have where they offer free carpet laying... bearing in mind that they may make it pay for itself in the price of the carpet.

    What else? We had a quote for a conservatory, about 2 metres by 5 metres, which was $12,000. We also had a quote for taking out a window and replacing it with an aluminium ranchslider, which was around $2500 installed.

    Floor sanding and polishing is definitely one for the professionals! We had our kitchen/dining area done for $500. A friend of ours did his own, slaved for weeks, and it cost him $500 in material and equipment hire for a smaller area than we had done.

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    Luckily we have a few friends who are painters and who have quoted us mates rates, (not cash) for a quality job, exterior prep, incl windows on a 100 sqm metre house, with scaffolding needed on two sides, $2500.

    Another friend does roofs, all prepped for between $1-$1.5k

    We just had three bedrooms carpeted and it cost us $800 and that included laying.
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    There is a whole thread dedicated to the costs and experience of sanding floors here.

    Sanding Thread


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    Cubes question about painting got me thinking.

    Donna: Any chance we could have this as a sticky and people could add to with quotes so we built an easy reference guide for prices for everyone. I know myself I find this section hugely useful but hate scrolling through heaps of posts to find price quotes.

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    Jul 2006
    Wellington...there where the mighty Hurricanes come from...be afraid....be very very afraid!!!


    Here is a breakdown of costs with the Ron Hoy Fong makeover in Wellington. House is 120m2:

    House inspection including council record inspection $650.00
    Legal costs $842.43
    Valuation readdressed for the bank loan $247.50
    Valuation done post reno $495.00
    Chattel valuation $365.63
    Truck rental to take rubbish to the landfill $110.20
    Landfill $110.00
    Woodburner including installation, heat transfer kit, council application $4315
    3 big double power points, 2 big light switches, 1 big double light switch $126.78
    Dishwasher (warehouse ex display model) $239.98
    Dishwasher (bought privately) $400.00
    Curtains (warehouse 9 pairs) $331.23
    Door handles (placemakers 13 sets) $153.28
    Double power points (placemakers 10) $137.35
    Single light switches (placemakers 9) $79.85
    Double light switches (placemakers 2) $26.98
    Concrete 25kg (placemakers) $7.99
    Garden broom, rake, hammer (itm) $94.68
    Light fittings (Bnnings 13) $380.73
    Net curtains (bunnings 13) $200.51
    Door stoppers (bunnings $46.04
    Towel rail (bunnings) $29.51
    Curtain wire + hooks (bunnings) $14.55
    Fan exhaust (bunnings 2) $98.20
    Toilet holder (bunnings $14.93
    Painting including all prep work supply of paint undercoat etc + 2 tins of paint for touching up outside $6444.15
    Builder included fixing about 3 holes the size of a football, replacement of wall skirting in bedroom 1, relining the bathroom, replacement of 3 broken windows $2370.15
    Electrician which included replacement of all light switches, light fittings, power points installing the 2 exhaust fans, connecting the woodburner $1469.75
    General handyman included replacement of 13 door handles some welding, fixing some cuttering $825.95
    Carpet including removal of old carpet new underlay, laying of new carpet plus lino, laying of lino $4965.86
    Garage door which includes removal of old one and installation tilting door $850.00
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    Re: The painting, the price is going to vary greatly on the existing condition of the property. For exteriors, if its just a case of changing the colour or giving it a fresh up I'd quote about $10/m2. If theres considerable damage to weatherboards it could be $15/m2 or more. Roofs are about $10/m2 again although this also depends on condition, $10 will get you spot rust treatment and a chemwash.

    Timber joinery adds significantly to the time taken, especially if theyre in bad condition. Interiors youre looking at about $9/m2 for walls and ceilings, and about $130 per door and frame.

    Get it any cheaper than that and you're getting a deal.

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    Jul 2005


    Hi Mlkmnz

    Thanks for the post. Your quotes seem qute light but maybe I have misread it.

    Are you saying that a std, 100m 3 bedroom house you would do for say 3k (1 under and two top coats).

    A roof roughly a $1000?

    This mustn't include any prep work?

    So what are the average costs for such a job and what does this work out as a hourly rate.

    Also this obviously excludes the actual paint!

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    Jan 2007


    Those rates include paint Paul and minimal prep work, they're just turn up, sand walls, fill any nicks and dings, and paint. If there's wallpaper to strip, significant flaking or aging or other issues that will have quite an impact on the cost.

    Roofs are actually pretty easy. Again depending what state the roof is in its a 2 day job at the most, so yeah for 100m2 a grand would probably do it.

    At an hourly rate based on these prices it works out being $25 to $30 an hour. Note all the rates I mention we per square metre of wall, not floor, but on average a 3 bedroom house including ceilings but not timber window joinery would be somewhere around 4k including paint.

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    Jul 2005


    Thanks Miklmnz. This is great stuff. My own experience that 25-30 would be the light side so they are great costs.

    So what does this work out as a std room rate (if there is anything called a std room) say 20-25 m square? Also to strip wall paper and a touch of plastering + ceiling?

    Greatto have someone in the trade define it for us.

    (PS. Obviously all ex GST)


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