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    Good positive point Steve.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stevegoodey
    For my part I'd be interested in sitting in a room of 50 people who each can afford $10k to be part of a networking circle, Bill or no Bill.

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    I would rather pay 100,000 for 5 minutes with Warren buffet or Tumpy than 10 K for the clowns listed, have spoken with Rushy after the HK 7s, if you want abig business rugby contact they done come bigger than Tony O'Riley, Irish British Lion and now Media Mogul on the Murdoch level. on the face of it the value as Steve points out would be more the paid up members in the room, i mean Tamihere come on guys ,more bang for the buck around than that
    Kia kaha

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    Yeah - like i said nothing was implied. it was mearly to highlight that a picture on its own is basicly (or potentially) worthless in our current age.

    on the more recent posts, well yeah, to meet eric rush for free (allong with a load of other all balcks) only required me to frequent a couple of local north harbour bars.

    Not knocking this club or anything, but I would be interested to know if members feal they've got a good bang for their (bring back) buck.


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    Hi Guys,

    Its great to see the reporters article has provoked some interesting discussion.

    Richmastery was established to empower people to achieve greater levels of success. The Presidential Inner Circle is less than 6 weeks old and most members have already got their $10,000 worth (and their are 11 months still to come).

    The best mentors are people that are playing the game at a whole different level than you, the club offers unique quality access to these people and a whole range of other exclusive benefits.

    As New Zealanders we don't celebrate or embrase success, it seems easier for us to tear others down than congratulate them on their achievements, goals or dreams and build them up. Sadly some of this mantra has been displayed in posts in this thread.

    Life should be lived to the full, played hard out, so that we squeeze every drop out of it and savour the flavour of our results and rewards. The PIC is a vehicle for serious investors to achieve this. Some of our members travel from Perth, Brisbane and further field just to be there for club events because they get so much value out of the events and association with other members.

    We didn't ask for the article to be written and Corinna and Phil declined to be interviewed but the reporter wrote it anyway.

    For a 6 week old club we have achieved a lot, visit the photo gallery on our web site to confirm this. Membership is significantly ahead of expectations but we have some spaces left for discerning investors.

    Support, encourage and empower others and you yourself will be supported, empowered and encouraged.
    Last edited by Marcus; 31-03-2006 at 06:50 PM.

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    Hi Duvetray

    To have Warren or Donald talk to you is a minimum of $(US)1 million each, so your $100k is not going to go too far. I suggest you best spend just $10 in this case at the local photoshop and put the other $99,990 on a couple of properties. If you want to network with me I can show you how, and you can shake the hand that shook the hand that shook Monica.
    If you still must see Donald or Warren then you will have to network together with 20 other people to get in the door.

    (PS – Donna, I think the hand that shook the hand that shook Monica, is also the same hand that shook the hand that also shook the hand of the Queen)

    Hi Rhys

    The comment you made is certainly appreciated and the point was acknowledged. However my karma and conscience just wouldn't allow me to try to pass my credibility off with a doctored photo.

    The main issue here is the "opportunity that is associated in networking" with other positive people who collectively have a similar objective. As Poomba mentioned earlier, he would have missed a million dollar plus opportunity if his network friend didn’t share wih him how he saw the same opportunity in a different light.

    If someone wants to play chess then join a chess club, if someone wants to see more of Britney then join her fan club, if you want to see more All Blacks then join the North Harbour Club, if you want be a property millionaire then join a property or investment club, but whatever your goal having a network of similar people around you will assist fast tracking to success.

    This property talk forum is a network in itself for all investors new and seasoned; to learn from, but for many members more contacts through other forms of investing networks is still needed to become a "Millionaire In Training".
    I too still need the network of others to go a step further to become ”Billionaire In Training".

    However you only need to make $30 million to get onto NZ 100 Rich List so belonging to the Presidentail Inner Circle which will provide a regular networking resource with others is a one of many ways to raise the average of those around you.

    PS - When I say the average of those around us it refers to: attitudes, mindsets, goals, mental values, desires to succeed, sharing, etc and having a common objective.

    Cheers Ron

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    Bill looks happy...

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    Can I be as bold as to ask why you would be happy to have posted the article both here and on your website. To be brutally frank the journalist is having a field day on the concept of the club and the benefits from it. The article was dripping with sarcasm.

    They say any publicity is good publicity but realistically I do not really see anything favourable in this article....

    Good work for putting the club together, I think it is a valuable source for those looking for a network outlet but articles like this are not really going to help drive membership.

    Just my two cents...

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    Hi ivi

    Thank God they didnt get upstaged by the highly publicised PropertyTalk photo shoot:- Bill, Donna, Muppet and Julian?

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    Now the questions everyone is dieing to ask:
    - Why does Phil have his hand in his pocket?
    - How much did Phil charge Bill to take this photo with him and his network?
    - Which of the two blondes was saying "how dare you wear the same colours as me you b****!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richmastery
    As New Zealanders we don't celebrate or embrase success
    I think you are wrong, its almost like we've had this drummed into our brains lately. I think New Zealanders do embrace success, but people who use this grating "cliche" are usually talking in a monetary sense. To them that must mean success .

    New Zealanders definitely embrace success, but many have a different definition of just what success means.
    For those who this club suits, good on them, each to their own. I find it a bit of a joke, and obviously the journalist does too.
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