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    Default Trades people wanted in Wellington

    I've just bought a do-up in Central Wellington and require some good tradespeople....... interior painter/decorator, Carpenter, Kitchen person, Bathroom person.

    Can anybody help please.


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    Don't tease us what did you buy what did you pay were is it what rents it getting what will it rent for........

    Steven Goodey - CEO PropertyTutors Wellington


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    People to recommend ultimately depends on the work required.

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    Yes, it depends what you want a bathroom and kitchen person to do.

    If you ever need a Floorsander though, or you're gonna get carpet and you have a chipboard floor that needs prepping for floorcoverings, PM me. I have a floorsanding business in Wellington and we cover from Wellington to Otaki and further up if needed.

    I'm so thankful that we can do our floors ourselves when we are doing are renovations, because I've just been looking at prices for carpeting three bedrooms and I'm glad at least we can sand all the other floors. Except the three layers of vinyl glued to the floor in the toilet, which we haven't got time to pull up so we are going to lino ourselves. Surely it can't be tooo hard? Bit of thinboard, stapled to the floor, and a bit of glue??? Mmmm, we shall see.

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