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    Default How do I add a Picture to the Gallery?

    How do I Add a Picture to the Gallery?

    First off what is the PropertyTalk.com Picture Gallery and why have it.

    The Picture Gallery is our communities photo album. The album is where we keep photo's that
    capture our members adventures with property, PropertyTalk social events and other related topics.

    Any PropertyTalk.com member can add pictures to the gallery at anytime.

    The process is very straight forward as you will read below.

    In order to add a picture to the gallery you first need to be a registered member. If you are not
    a registered member please Click
    to read the easy guide to registering.

    Here are the steps to add a picture(s):

    1) The first thing is to check that you are currently logged into PropertyTalk.com forums. To
    check look above where you are reading now and you will see a box that has a number of things in it
    including a navigation link to tell you where you are currently within the forums. To the right of
    that you will see a little box.

    Now if you are logged in you will see this

    If you are not logged in your will see this

    If you find that you are not logged in please enter your user name and password into the boxes
    provided and click on the “Log In” button located within the box.

    Its a good thing to leave the “Remember Me?” check box. This allows the forum to automatically log you in every time you come back to our forums. If you unclick the “Remember Me?”
    check box then you will have to log in every time you visit the forums

    2) When you have clicked on the “Log In” button the forum will log you into the forum and the box
    will now look like this…

    3) Once you have logged in you can now add a picture to the gallery.

    4) Click the "Gallery" menu link located in the left hand menu column.

    5) You will be taken to the gallery home page where you can see all the existing categories
    (ablums). For example "Coffee Breaks and other fun meetings", "Charity Events" and "Member
    Galleries" are categories (albums) within the "Community" section.

    6) Click the "Upload" menu link option in the menu bar below the blue strip menu bar (see picture

    7) You will then be taken to the "Upload Image" web page which allows you to upload your pictures.

    8 ) The first thing to notice on the "Upload Image" web page is that every PropertyTalk.com member
    has been given a certain amount of space for their pictures. The picture below shows that the
    member has 3mb of space for their pictures on the PropertyTalk.com computer.

    9) The next section provides the features that help you add your picture(s) to the gallery.

    10) In the "File to Upload" section you can see that there are 3 text boxes each with a "Browse"
    button. This means that you can load up to 3 pictures in one go!

    11) Click the first "Browse" button located next to the first text box in the "File to Upload"
    section. A file dialogue box will appear which allows you to navigate to the location on your
    computer where the picture is that you want to add to the gallery.

    12) Once you have selected the file you wish to add to the gallery within the file dialogue box
    click the "Open" button located on the file dialogue box. This will then add the picture name and
    path to the picture within the first text box. You can now select up to another 2 more pictures
    using the next 2 browse buttons.

    13) Now that you have selected your picture you can add a title and desciption for the picture. If
    you have added more than one picture then you can add a title and description for each picture on
    the next page.

    14) The last thing to do is select a category (album) that you would like your picture to be added

    15) Click the "Submit" button located at the bottom of the web page to send your picture(s) off to the PropertyTalk moderators for approval.

    Please Note: due to the public nature of PropertyTalk.com we need to view each picture being submitted before it will appear within the gallery. This is to protect our members and visitors from inappropriate content. The decision on whether a picture is allowed within the PropertyTalk.com Gallery is made by one of the PropertyTalk.com forum moderators.

    15.1) If you have added more than one picture to the "Upload Image" web page you will be taken after you click the submit button to a web page that allows you to add a title and description to each of the pictures. If you only have one picture then just enter the title and description on the "Upload Image" page. Once you have entered a title and optional description for each picture you have added then click the "Process" button located on the bottom of the web page.

    16) Once you have submitted your pictures an email will be sent to a moderator who will check the pictures and approve or decline each picture based on our public forum and gallery rules. An email will be sent to you stating the decision as soon as one is made.

    17) If the moderator has approved your picture(s) then they will be appear within the gallery straight after approval.

    18 ) Thats it!


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