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Thread: Where is Marc??

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    Kapiti in New Zealand

    Default Where is Marc??

    Hello all!

    If anyone wants to know why I have not been on chat and the forum of late I am currently in Las Vegas for my day job. I am here for another 5 days

    I am still checking my PM's and emails daily but I don't have much time at present due to work stuff.

    Looking forward to chatting and posting soon as I miss the community.

    Best Regards


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    Oh dear, what a hard life - 5 days in Las Vegas and probably too busy working to go out and have fun!

    Just don't forget to buy Donna a present or you will be in big trouble, even if her answer to the "what would you like" question is "nothing"

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    Jul 2003
    Kapiti in New Zealand



    All I can tell you is that Vegas is Very Very expensive! A taxi driver told me that 3 days is a good amount of time in Vegas no longer - I agree!

    It’s a weird world where my everyday logic does not do well here where wealth, excess and greed is the religion.

    Best regards


    P.s - thanks for the tip about presents!


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