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    Default Turning area underneath an (elevated) house into a living area

    Hi all, I've got a house which is elevated off the ground. There's about 80sqm of space underneath the house which I think could be converted into a separate, self-contained 2bedroom area.
    There will need to be plumbing, electrical work, some excavation (to level the ground), consents etc etc involved.

    I've never done a project like this - where do I start? Would I bring in a builder and ask if what I have in mind is feasable? Or an architect? Engineer? What are some questions I'll want to ask or information I would need before getting started with a project like this?

    Additionally, what kind of a price am I looking at for such projects?

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    Hi Johohello,

    Yes you're on to it - Your architect will let you in principal what's possible and who's needed. You can also select a builder to do this for you and then go to an architect.

    You can spend thousands on the pre-construction process - but it's a necessary evil so to speak. I believe the average fee for an architect is between 6 - 10 percent of the build cost.

    Choose your team carefully. You don't want issues during the build. I took up to 3 years before I made a commitment with a build project - which seemed reasonable when you're spending hundreds of thousands $$$.


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    also see https://www.propertytalk.com/forum/s...ent-Conversion - it's got some good info in it.


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    think of a number and double it a few times

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    use an architectural draftsman not an architect

    discuss concept first (free consultation?)

    first step does your distreict plan a;llow you to do this (minor dwelling or second dwelling on the site?

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    For a similar project, I spoke to:
    - A architect for guidance and estimated costs to get me through a resource consent (for change of use) and building consent. Moving foundations or digging down was going to be expensive, as was fire rating between the dwellings.
    - A builder for estimated costs for all work, using his subbies
    - Council to see if they had any objections.


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