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    Default How to do I calculate fix and house

    I need to know how do the math for remodeling an home . For example the floors , outside of the house , basement , attics , bedrooms and etc . I know the price varies . If wanna buy an fix and flip single family 3 bedroom 2 beds house for 465k 1705 sq ft . How would I do the math and make an offer to the seller ? I need examples .

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    If you have to ask and you want to flip then perhaps you shouldn't be doing this
    you must be talking 150000 to 200000
    the first question is why do it? will this investment get a return?

    start at the possible sell price and work back to see what that gives you to spend?

    is this the worst house in the best street scenario?

    Flips should be low cost superficial or no cost improvements that add big value for little investment

    In a rising market you might get profit from nill $$$ anyway and if you can get cheap then that is where the profit is not renovations
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