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    ^^ so now there's a 300 percent increase.
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    If you've got reasonably good access under the house it's very easy to install and does make a big difference. Even dry looking ground under the house will emit moisture. The house we did it on had awful access but it was worth it and made a difference in terms of eliminating a damp musty odour and anecdotally making the house feel warmer on cold mornings.

    I'd take the cheapest quote!

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    If you are thinking about relying on the Nats. forget it. They never ever repeal anything Labour does. They are just as useless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viking View Post
    If you are thinking about relying on the Nats. forget it. They never ever repeal anything Labour does. They are just as useless.
    +1 on that!
    The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates and a monthly salary - Fred Wilson.

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    Default Doing it myself

    I am currently doing 2x properties myself, material from memory I paid about $100 for a 100sqm roll, but then add a bit for cloth tape or similar you will need a lot. Decent instructions easily available online, but its a sh!t of a job, for most people paying the price to avoid the awkwardness and dust would probably be worth it. Hopefully your quotes were after they had viewed the job and allowed for having to move around any junk under there?

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    where about is a good place to get the polyethene? I'm having a house moved on to a site, so I can put it down just after they put in the new piles.


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    I got mine from Placemakers as they had it on special, but either them or Bunnings / Mitre10 had it at similar prices. Just be careful to get the right spec, you cant just look at the thickness have to get the right flow rating

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    The latest quote I got is $800 incl GST for 100sqm, which issues me a more proper cert done by professionals, I have been crawling under the house a few times and weren't pleasant experience. Also the $800 spend will counter the tax I pay from the rent, so at the end of the day I am only spending ~$500 to get it done properly and without all the mess.

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    yes, $500 is fine, i'd pay that. @simongu, do you have some info on the flow ratings?

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    From the HH Regs: Clause 28.2 : "Barrier made of appropriate materials and installed as per Section 8 of NZS 4246:2016", which in turn defines "polythene film with thickness >= 0.25mm AND a vapour flow resistance of at least 50 MN s/g (Mega- Newton seconds per gram)". You dont need to know what that means, it is generally stated on the product specs e.g. this one from placies (which b.t.w. I wouldnt get as only 1m wide, get a 2m wide one so goes pile to pile):


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