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    Default Pool fence down during backyard reno.

    Hi all,

    I've had a look on the Auckland Council website for info regarding this but couldn't see anything.

    I'm building a new deck and a bit of a backyard redesign which required the pool fence to be taken down. The pool is still "fenced in by the house, back fence, garage and gate but obviously a just larger area.

    Has anybody seen any regulations on this or have any experience?


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    See https://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/...pool-area.aspx

    I doubt you will comply with the pool fence taken down. If the house forms part of the "fence" even just temporarily, then all doors leading to the pool must have a self closing mechanism, child-proof handles or an alarm. Opening ground floor windows facing the pool would need child-proof locks. Also, if there is any part of the property boundary fence that can be climbed (such as lower & middle fence rails on the outer side of a boundary fence), then it would also fail compliance with the regulations.
    The gate you mention must open outwards away from the pool, must self-close, and the latch must be a minimum of 150cm from the ground.

    Having said all that, if the pool fence is only coming down for a few days and you are confident you can prevent a child from falling into the pool unnoticed, then I wouldn't be too concerned. If the fence will be down for weeks/months then I suggest just emptying the pool completely, or to below 400mm depth.


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