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    On conspiracy theories

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick G View Post
    On conspiracy theories
    That's nutty.
    I don't know, you could multitask.
    You could worry about wasting time while wasting time in congested traffic on the motorway?
    Who is the Mayor again?

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    How a 400 year old treasure ship caused the housing bubble.

    This just came up as a line of thought from another thread.

    Very quick overview.
    You can check the accuracy yourselves.
    It's got holes in it.

    The year is 1600.
    Empires are struggling for dominance.

    A large Spanish ship is taken by the British navy.

    It ends up docked in England, full of wondrous treasures from the east.
    (and they get the maps and trade details too).

    The Mayor and an old salt decide to get a bit of that action, but need to ask the Queen first.

    The John company is formed, is very successful, but gets totally out of hand.
    Really, really out of hand.

    Causes a drug war with a Chinese dynasty that ends in the company getting a lease on a Chinese island.

    Time passes, the lease expires, the smart descendants see the inevitable outcome.
    They flood the rest of the world looking for safe havens.

    Everywhere they set foot, the local real estate prices start to rocket.
    That distorts the local economies.

    400 years later, and the ripples of that first treasure ship again surface.

    Probably riddled with inaccuracies, but you get the general drift.
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