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    Property Talk forum readers who are angered by the constant attacks from the current government, mainstream media, your work colleagues who berate you for providing shelter for those who cannot afford to themselves.

    NZ total housing stock value is worth $1.2 trillion.
    I would say of that the reader's of this forum represents well into the hundreds of billions in equity.
    You have more power than you realize from a small portion of the population.
    If we were to continually be persecuted for our services to society, we could in theory "threaten"
    to move all our equity of shore to alternative investments.
    The resulting effect would be devastating for the economy and the powers that be couldn't print there way out of it because there would be nothing worth buying outside dairy farms, a depleted tourism/student industry or cycle lanes.

    Just a thought..

    Court Jeffsta.

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    You had one job Cindy...one job?!

    "Seymour earlier said the Government needed to have a plan to live with the virus, even if that meant tolerating small outbreaks"



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