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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffa View Post
    To be fair I can predict all I want and be wrong all I want!

    Second half of 20 or the 1st half of 21.

    Dow Jones down too between 15 and 17 thousand.

    Cocaine is a wild drug.
    Ok Perry I just made that up.

    Or did I.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffa View Post
    Stage 1: End of the economic cycle started in 08.

    Stage 2: U.S Fed creates virus and releases into major China City

    Stage 3: Virus ends economic cycle with a thump ,lockdown stops economy. Market crashes.

    Stage 4: World's Central banks start printing money to save their economy ,they become zombie economy.

    Stage 5 :Vaccine is discovered.

    Stage 6: Central bank's have doubled or tripled liquidity in the system and stop printing money coincidentally as a Vaccine is discovered.

    Stage 7:The worlds industrial engines start firing on all cylinders.

    Stage 8: Inflation.

    Stage 9: All world currencies lose 20 io 30 percent of its purchasing power except.....
    ..For the U.S dollar which returns to its former glory..NZ dollar 30c to US dollar $1.00

    Stage 10: Hyperinflation, Asset prices skyrocket,
    Consumer prices skyrocket,crude oil highest prices in history...The U.S dollar is now king.

    Stage 11: The Ero,Yen , Chinese Yuan is becoming worthless...War is on the horizon.....

    Stage 12: is in .......

    The Encyclopedia of Jeffa.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffa View Post
    Cocaine is a wild drug.
    This is problematic.
    Are you enslaved?


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