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    Default Covid 19 & mortgage documents.

    Recently we sold 2 rentals which are both due to settle in one week. Both buyers want an extension to the settlement date but how long an extension would you give under the circumstances of the lock down. One buyer says they can't put a tenant in the house because of the lock down and also say that Kiwi Bank might not supply loan docs to their solicitor in time. The same buyer says they can't go out to sign documents.
    Can loan docs etc be sign electronically?
    We've all been unconditional for 2 weeks already, Is it a reasonable comment that kiwibank are having delays in getting loan docs out to the solicitors for 'electronic' signing?
    What advice would you have regarding the final inspection. I know, stay home. However I offered them to do it today in advance of lock down but they declined. ?? Any advice especially about kiwibank and whether the bank is more than likely to hold up settlement.

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