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    Default House 179m2 within a furniture shed/shop (2.9ha)

    This bold new superstore in West Auckland is fast coming together for a ‘soft and slow’ opening on Monday 30 March 2020. The Nido sign is proudly displayed on the building which rises above its surroundings. This development is a tribute to the vision and sacrifice of Vinod Kumar, the key person behind bringing this 10 year plan to the start which is now just 17 days away!

    This store will be like no other in NZ. It has a 179 sqm house built inside (fitted out with Nido products); a large commercial office space; a special technology space; 100 rooms displaying different furniture styles; advanced technology; a play area for the kids; and, of course, a Café which will seat 340 people.

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    Another shop aye? Selling us stuff we don't really need that will last about 2 years, then get biffed out.
    Squadly dinky do!

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    Not where you want to go right now!
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