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    Default Interview with APIA breaking down the proposed RTA changes

    Hi all

    Earlier I had a chat with Sarina from APIA about the upcoming bill to amend the Residential Tenancies Act. My conversation is with with Sarina Gibbon, who is the general manager of Auckland Property Investors' Association. Sarina has been at the coalface for APIA on on this matter, helping members understand what is coming, fact checking statements, collating information and more.

    Her take on the changes is very well thought through and I encourage you all to watch or listen at one of the below two links (I have published as a video and audio). She has published a lot of resources on the APIA website, which APIA have taken the unusual step of making publicly available outside their membership, such is the level of concern about this bill.

    I encourage everybody to take the time to read/listen/watch the material and understand the material and make a submission. This post should be publicly sharable if you wish to forward it to anybody.

    Many thanks to APIA for making these resources publicly available and Sarina for taking the time to record this video.


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    Great content, the information has 'swayed' me to make a submission.


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