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    Default Tenant wants a smart meter. Who pays?

    Tenant wants to change electricity providers, and the new provider requires a smart meter. Tenant is requesting Landlord pays.

    1. Whose responsibility is it to pay for meter?

    2. If its not the Landlords responsibility would you pay anyway?

    Seems to me if the tenant wants reduced electricity costs then they should bear the cost of the meter install...

    Advice/opinions welcomed

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    ours was fitted free

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    Confirmed free is not an option. $100-$150

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    If it’s a permanent fixture the tenant won’t take with them and it’s only $150 I would pay for it and mention it as a selling point for subsequent tenants. You’ve made the property marginally more attractive and got goodwill for your current tenant for a tiny sum.

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    Be aware that it is not compulsory to have a smart meter, it is for the benefit of the power supplier, so they do not need to send somene around to read it.
    Suggest to tenant:
    If power supplier wants their business they will install for free (at any suburban location ) or retain existing meter.
    If they dont want to install for free or retain meter, tell tenant to find another supplier who will install for free or use existing meter.
    From the evaluations i have done when changing supppliers, theres not a big difference between suppliers so if the tenant wants to use a particular supplier then maybe there is something more in the deal, which obviously benefits tenant and further supports Keys ^
    Are some companies offering free tv or whatever ?.

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    Thanks for the opinions, I am still flipping back and forth... it is a small amount of money, but feel the tenant is the one benefiting and not sure why I have to fund that benefit.

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    Both our rentals and our house got them changed for free, all different power companies

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    As long as the meter can be read in whatever is in place at time of tenancy is all that is required.
    If the tenant wants something different they pay. I think they are testing you out but they need to talk turkey to their power company to get it for free.
    It's a No from me.
    Power companies are always vying so its in their best interest to provide free a service that will ultimately save them in paying a real human to go read the meter!

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    On consumer's request the party who has a contract with the power company pays, otherwise the power company.


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