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    Default Re-cladding for decorative purposes.

    We've purchased a Weatherside cladded 1972 2 story houses in Tauranga.

    The weatherside is in beautiful knick, recently painted last year with little to no signs of deterioration or damage.

    Weatherside has negative connotations and therefore we are quite keen to reclad the house & install new windows. This will hopefully help us in the future to increase the resell value.

    Just beginning to understand the types of cladding available - what do most people use these days for reclads/new builds. Obviously wanting to avoid anything leaky!

    I'm aware of the risk of finding that the timber is rotting and this might escalate the price but with the house being built in the 70s we should be ok.

    Does any have any tips for this work, where to begin, timeframes for this work to be done? I assume it would be bad to do it in winter..


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    Recladding will probably affect the windows (will need to have more depth) so this will then affect the inside a bit.
    Make sure you include all that in your pricing.

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    there was a payout to homeowners with weatherside cladding from Forest Products, most people pocketed the money

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    are you sure its weatherside (the hardboard product)

    Hardiplank is similar or even PVC Pallisade?

    simple substitution under schedule 1 but perhaps you would prefer a consent/attest to the work

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    Umm a near on fifty year old home - you're likely to find some nasties. If it's your home that shouldn't put you off though just have a 20% contingency fund.


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    dont do the work untill you are ready to sell.

    That way you get a pristine house to sell and minimal interest on your investment.

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    I re-clad a house with weatherboard. When I did this I insulated the walls and I had to put in new windows because they didn't fit with the new cladding. I put in double-glazed windows for resale purposes. I didn't get a permit as I didn't think I needed one for this work, although it may have been a good idea to get a permit because I would have had it documented that it was all insulated. The cladding I had was not weatherside but some kind of hardiplank from the 70's. I also did up the inside and changed a huge window in the lounge into a stacker slider door. I did 2 units of about 80sqm each, single storey on flat ground. The re-clad cost me $42,000 for both units without the stacker doors. The units both needed painting after the reclad. The transformation was amazing from a really rundown set of units to lovely looking places. One rents out as an airbnb and the other my mother lives in. We did have the units rented, but found that even though the units look amazing there seemed to be a point where people could not afford to go above in rent in this area, so basically there was no increase in rent from doing this work. A bit disappointing.

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    Am I correct to think that its not consented now?
    As all cladding work requires it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluecoat View Post
    Am I correct to think that its not consented now?
    As all cladding work requires it.
    Not sure about the cladding but a building consent was needed for the exterior wall insulation.

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    It can be reclad without consent as long as comparable materials are used and not a durability failure (15 years for cladding). Windows and stackable doors all good under schedule 1.

    Insulation can be replaced but otherwise needs consent in walls. But who knows if there wasnt something there before?

    That 42000 is amazing and what we used to consider recladding worth before the experts/councils and "reclad specialists turned it in to a 200k-300k exercise?


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