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    they dont need a consent what is the sign off for???

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    Quote Originally Posted by John the builder View Post
    they dont need a consent what is the sign off for???
    according to council they need a consent as its connected to septic system and water supply

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    then you only need a consent for the septic tank connection and that is arguable as some drainage work is allowed under schedule 1.

    Eco-cottages do a lot of work battling for their clients against councils, have they been approached?

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    Yes. John The Builder is correct-- Possible get a sewer connection installed to your section (if it doesnt have one) before you bring your tiny house on wheels (vehicle/caravan) and connect under schedule 1

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    what difference does it make the order of the process? The connecting can come after?

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    less awkward questions likely to be asked if no tiny house on site when drainage being installed

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    yes but it also illustrates the absurdity in this whole TH saga. Only building work done on site needs a consent so the TH if manufactured off site doesn't need consent and the fact that it is on wheels even less so....


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