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    Signed. Good idea.
    Squadly dinky do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick G View Post
    As someone who has installed domes AFTER putting in fans a couple of times and seen all problems disappear I agree 100% with this petition. They are cheaper and better. If you agree it takes a few seconds to sign.

    Obviously this works in bathrooms with a shower only and not a bath but that is an awful lot of bathrooms!


    surely baths have minimal issues compared to a shower head? Isnt the problem primarily a shower issue?

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    Signed it now, also passed it on to other landlord friends

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    Yep signed too - that one always narked me as we put in shower-dome during a reno then had to put in the extractor fan too. What also narks me is the requirement for an extractor fan in open plan kitchens - clearly a small fan will not make an ounce of difference in large room and most renovated homes have the open plan so why wasn't this thought of - or am I missing something?


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    I find with my tenants in south auckland rental properties, they don't care if you install the Rangehood for them with filters in the kitchen, They don't have the time to clean and wash the Rangehood filters every fortnight or monthly. Every property inspection i check the range-hood filters as it is my first priority nowadays due to fire hazards, non of the tenants given me nice and clean filters on the inspection day,
    Some properties i installed air vents and they are working fine and doing better job than Rangehood.
    With the law changing to range-hood( not quite sure on the exact requirement ) in the kitchen will create lot of problem for landlords as tenants not going to wash the rangehood filters as required. More guidance needed from this property talk

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    Update. This shower dome petition has now closed, 1677 signatures. That is a pretty good number actually. Plenty of petitions sign with only a very few signatures.

    Thanks very much to all those who signed. Nicola Willis MP will shortly formally present it to the House and it will be assigned to a Select Committee. I will post details when a hearing date is set in case anyone wants to make a submission.


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