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    Default Advice please- How to reduce mosquitoe outbreak.

    Can you please help? Mosquitoes!

    I live in West Auckland and my property is located on a 1400 square metres of land. I have a decent amount of native trees surrounding the perimeter of the land area. Also, At the back of the house runs a small creek that runs from one end of the property to the other end.
    Hoping i can get some help on how to control mosquito outbreak. I have recently witnessed a larger than normal amount of Mosquitoes floating around.

    Thanks in Advance!

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    Mossies won't breed in running water, so somewhere there has to be some still (stagnant) water.

    Find such sources and empty them to ameliorate the problem. Not so easy if it's next door, of course.
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    Maybe try your local City Council Pest control for advice, Or ask Mr Google?
    And yes Perry is correct. They cant breed unless the water is stagnant - or polluted.

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    I live in West Auckland too.

    Just put screens on the bedroom windows so you can have them open at night without mossies getting in.

    And then just use roll on insect repellant if out in the bush. Sunscreen also keeps them off.
    Squadly dinky do!


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