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    In all honesty, never fully retire imo. Just do a job you enjoy. Ive read so many studies that show not retiring extends life span. Dont quote me as I dont remember the links but it makes sense to keep busy. The more lazy we get, bed ridden watching TV etc, the faster our body degrades.

    Being Maori imo is largely due to suppression of low income housing and lifestyle contributions. If you dont smoke and dont drink every day and eat a Paleo diet. i reckon you have as much chance of 85 plus as the rest of us. :-)

    I wish you all the luck. I wanted to retire now but my Mums aging and care got in the way. So Im off to make my retirement by 57. Then I will part time spearfish and part time work, maybe on marine electronics.

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    Interesting thread. I agree with the mid life crisis thing and I don't like the term 'retirement' so I don't plan on retiring but I work for myself so I suppose I have retired from the rat race, which I was part of in UK, Aus and here for 20 years.

    I think you'll need to find projects that challenge you but as many have said you probably need to rest and restore before you can move forward This may not be your thing but there's this walk that has inspired many, it's the Camino de Santiago a modern day pilgrimage walk of hundreds of kilometres. A six week jaunt is said to go like this - the first 2 weeks are physical, the next 2 are mental, and the last 2 are spiritual.

    I plan on doing one of the routes, to clear the air. Right now I can't imagine 6 weeks without using a mobile - thankfully I don't think it for social influencers - and you can walk for hours without seeing anyone.


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    I like these posts. Early retirement/Financial freedom is something I aspire to achieve (Currently 2 so I can have the freedom to do more of what I enjoy, weather it be spending more time with my wife and kids, traveling, fishing, camping, exercising or simply going on a nice drive during the week instead of being stuck in the office...

    To the ones that have achieved early retirement or financial freedom, it would be interesting to know how long you have been investing for and what part of the country you have invested in?

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    I run my own business, but I intentionally prevent it growing too big (havent been encouraging new clients for months, and started turning them away recently) and stop it feeling like a 'real job'. I also look after my son (2 very soon!) so that's a huge job. When he goes to school or regular daycare I plan to learn a unique instrument (thinking the steel drums, or the theremin), picking up surfing, and maybe another language.

    By some metrics I consider myself retired as of my late 20s. If we wanted to cut some of the fanciness we could live on our investments without any "earned income". That would disappoint a lot of my clients though - and I enjoy doing the work.

    I tell you though - it has made lending harder. I am seriously considering applying for part time PAYE work so the banks will be a bit friendlier.

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    Default stages of life

    Great topic/answers so far.
    This question always kind of reminds me of this picture.
    Though I am late 30s and don't have enough time but I do have 2 young kids, maybe the pic needs another stage

    I am in a different predicament. Probs can't afford to retire, but could probs afford to take time off. I am not really interested in work at the minute and am considering my options. career change, or just same industry different job, or stay at home dad + and things that I like(if I had the time), start/buy a business, take a break, Reduce my hours.
    I think Reduce my hours might be winning at the minute. Not sure if or when I will pull the trigger at this stage.
    Good luck to all who are in similar boat.

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    Good questions to ask. You have to force yourself to do nothing for 2 months :-) Then look around. I exited corporate at 30. Do it.
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    Things change
    Loss of tenants
    Increase in interest rate
    Can change your investment income

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick G View Post
    You have to force yourself to do nothing for 2 months.
    Perhaps 'nothing' does not mean nothing?

    More a matter of choosing to do what you do?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry View Post
    Perhaps 'nothing' does not mean nothing?

    More a matter of choosing to do what you do?
    Actually, from the early retirees I've spoken to, and read from online, it really does mean 'nothing', or close to it. Or at least nothing structured. If you immediately jump into structured activity of a non-work nature, you're not giving yourself the time to decompress from a school-study-work schedule in your life - you won't end up doing what you really want to, even if you think you are!

    2-6 months of catching up on TV, reading a few of the books and playing a few of the console games that have been gathering dust for years, keeping up an ad-hoc exercise regime, cooking your own healthy meals, and 'just doing whatever' with the rest of the time.

    I haven't had the chance, because I've been looking after my young son. But one day I'll get there!
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    I spent most of my first six months of the first retirement on women and booze. The rest of the time I just wasted.


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