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    Default Mortgage for Expat Moving Back to NZ

    I am a kiwi expat that will be moving back from Canada and looking to buy a house. I will have between a 20%-75% downpayment delending on how much of our savings we need to use for a down payment.

    1) If I dont have a job yet would I be able to get a mortgage?
    2) If I do have a job will i need to be in that job for three months before i could get a mortgage?
    3) Other options?

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    You will be best to connect with a broker....personally, I doubt you will get a mortgage with no job/regular income.....but maybe there is another way, or a second tier lender may be able to bridge the gap for you depending on the security you have.

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    1 Yes
    2 No
    3 Be tax smart. There is no tax advantage to buying a PPOR, there are many tax advantages to buying an IP vs a PPOR. You can purchase an IP and live in it and enjoy significant tax benefits if you plan ahead. I would recomend purchasing the proiperty in a compnay (ordinary comapny NOT a LAQC) or a trust.

    Good luck


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    Just saw this, we do heaps of lending for Expats, on hols till Monday send me a message and I'll reply then!
    Financial Paramedics


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