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    Default Fixing a patch in hardwood from Doggy claws? :-)

    I have a property that I use to live in, when I got my puppy, being a strong little might, she managed to put little dents in the wood varnish with her filed/flattened claws and I have a patch near the door she would scratch at to be released outside.

    I havnt lacquered a hardwood floor in YEARS, I did one in Aus all the way from sanding back the beautiful native woof to the varnish and polish.

    So, I dont want to have to do a FULL start from sanding.

    2 questions.

    1. How would I match as close as possible the lacqeuer on the hard wood?

    2, Would a polish diminish the slight marks dogs can leave on the hardwood lacquer?

    Even where she has clawed it hasnt gone through into the wood, just left indents in the upper lacqeuer layer etc.

    Much appreciated.


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