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    Default 2020 Predictions

    Get 'em rolling in, folks.
    Be aware they will be checked on, later in the year.

    That includes New Year Resolutions made public, hereabouts.

    For the sake of auld langsyne, here's the guesses (sorry - predictions) for last year.
    Last edited by Perry; 03-01-2020 at 11:41 AM. Reason: Added link to 2019 Predictions thread
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    labour promises everyone a pony if they are voted in, labour announces a royal wedding just prior to election

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    What will best buy votes the best?

    I think Labour will promise;
    - higher unemployment benefits
    - higher working for families benefits
    - Higher pensions

    - tax cut to higher earners

    My 2020 wish - someone would sue Labour for fraud, for Kiwibuild promises. And somehow stop other fake political promises

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosco View Post

    My 2020 wish - someone would sue Labour for fraud, for Kiwibuild promises. And somehow stop other fake political promises

    Well me too but it'll never happen.

    National: Here's Mr Key lying on camera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3-RYMwJiWA

    Labour: 100,000 houses, 1,000,000,000 trees.... Just silly numbers dreamt up.
    Squadly dinky do!

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    Winnie will invest in a rest home and retire after he doesn't get 5% of the vote.

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    Cindys royal wedding extravaganza will help sweep her and the comrades back into power.
    She will finally solve poverdy by getting capital gains taxes in and promptly bring "fairness" back to the rental market by dictating maximum "fair" rents for all. Oh and there might be another baby soon ~ 3yrs later?
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    Spaceman will get banned again for being too lippy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry View Post
    Get 'em rolling in, folks.
    Be aware they will be checked on, later in the year.

    That includes New Year Resolutions made public, hereabouts.
    Ha you bet me to it Perry

    Well it could be a year of no change or massive change starting with the election which is too tight to call even with National's polling looking promising, the 'Jacinda effect' will make it a challenge for Bridges to secure the top job.

    If you think how Boris Johnson and the Conservatives romped home, they had a good manifesto on housing to appeal to the people and the better leader and already in the job. Back here, Jacinda is winning the leader race hands down, and unfortunately many will consider it a popularity vote and go with her with the excuse 'she needs more time'.


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    Huge turmoil in the rental market at Landlords scramble to meet the HH requirements.

    Tenants who once enjoyed a long term under market rental may get moved on so the HH upgrades can be completed along with a refresh of the property allowing the LL to reset their rent to market resulting in a huge increase to the average weekly rent.

    Where we invest there is a huge difference between the rent charged for a rundown old 3br unit (around $370/wk) and one that meets the HH standards and has new carpet/paint at $500/wk. I would imagine there are a lot of markets around the country that have a wide range of quality of available rentals. The HHG narrows that band of quality options making the low end illegal meaning the cheap rental will disappear from the market.

    Some might say that can only be a good thing but in reality the family who was paying $370/wk now has to find $130/wk more for rent which on the min wage of $18 means an extra 7.2 hours a week (assuming no tax impact) to pay the rent.

    If I had to choose between having a heat pump in a house that I didn't use and needing to work a full day a week for the privilege or put on a warm top and not have to work 7-8 hrs extra each week I know what I'd choose

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    My prediction is most things will get better. Some things will get worse.


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