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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry View Post
    O.K. So there's power in numbers.

    Remember that there are more tenants than LLs, so that has a huge impact on party political policies and legislation largely aimed at re-election.

    Which comes first?

    The numbers to give the power?

    Or the association's actions to attract the numbers to give the association the power?

    If the latter, what do you suggest the actions should be?
    Well... you can start right here, right now.

    Clarity first.

    -and objectivity.

    What exactly is your objective?
    What specific outcome do you want?
    What do you hope to gain from it?

    Be specific, more money? - how much?
    More freedom? - What kind of freedom, and what exactly will you do with it, and when?

    What will be the price to you, and any other group or collection of individuals you choose to notice.
    You need to think all the domino effects through thoroughly.

    Integrity too, if you benefited from some sort of socialist type initiative like say free schooling or free libraries, then it would be ethical to support those sort of free services for the future members of our country.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Kane View Post
    You're right of course.
    School kids marching along the streets chanting "Leave the carbon in the soil" is far more important.
    Then they duck into Burger King and grab a crushed ice drink in a plastic container and sip it through a plastic straw.
    They are empowered!
    don't forget that fast fashion is one of the two biggest contributors to GHGs and water usage. Guess who's buying all that sh*t? The same kids marching down the street blaming everyone over 40 for f*cking with their environment.

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    "Ok, boomer" seems their most useful contribution so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orion View Post
    I believe in letting things happen and eventually it all balances out.
    They've had wage freezes before, rent freezes, attempts at controlling inflation, addressing the gap between rich and poor, doing things to stop house prices go up, etc etc.
    This is just another one in the governments eyes to help tenants out more. Of course they are 180 degrees focused on the wrong thing, but it's not my job to fight against their stupidity. The market always decides in the end, supply and demand etc.
    Funny enough, I've just made an offer on another property largely based on my confidence the current, and near future government policies, will continue to choke supply and we will see rents rising at a fair clip for at least the next few years. Any additional attempts to control the market they make will also make for profitable work arounds, and they seem hell bent on taking this road.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orion View Post
    I would rather just focus on what I'm doing and not get caught up in all the lobbying, fighting against and getting upset by it all.
    Individualism – is that the basis of democracy?

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    ^^ Yes. There needs to be a balance between individualism and collectivism.


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