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    Quote Originally Posted by donna View Post
    Maybe Labour knows the writing is on the wall due to their spectacular housing fails, growth in beneficiaries and NZ First Foundation saga so they're going to make it impossible for National to reverse the chaos, in 3 years. Maybe we'll experience a series of one term governments for a while?
    I think you are 100% right Donna, I cant see any government correcting the median house price which is the only way to get kiwis into kiwi homes, no matter how low you make the interest rates. Its a correction or nothing.

    And to be fair Jacinda wasnt voted in and she didnt want the role.

    I can see economics forcing our hand though in 2020, I just dont know how long a correction would take to reach the rest of NZ which is still going up. Always like a Tsunami, Auckland being the epi centre lol

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    how can you expect a correction

    when new houses cost more than old houses

    and there's no more empty land in the places people want to live?

    further to that if you think that;

    - building standards will continue to rise

    - wage costs will continue to rise

    - nz continues to be considered a better place to live than most

    how can prices not slowly start to rise again?

    to bring prices down you'd need;

    - too many existing houses

    - cheaper new houses, built to lower standards?

    - more land, loaded with free infrastructure, to suddenly appear where jobs were plentiful and people wanted to live

    clearly more than jacindamania and fairy-dust is needed for that!
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    have you defeated them?
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    An unspecified "correction" is as vague a prediction as it gets.

    Perhaps a career as an econ-o-mist beckons?
    Want a great looking concrete swimming pool in Hawke's Bay? Designer Pools will do the job for you!

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    another story showing they would be killing the golden goose

    by making it even more costly to house the delinquent

    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnTheMove View Post
    And to be fair Jacinda wasnt voted in and she didnt want the role.

    nobody voted her in, winston picked her and nobody voted for him either


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