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    Default Property Manager hands over property to another agent with 4 days notice...

    On Monday I got an email advising my property agent were handing over management of my property (and all their other rental properties) to another agency, along with "attached is a contract, please sign by this Thursday."

    Is this typical?

    My agreement with them states we have to give 60 days notice in writing to terminate the management agreement. Does this mean they are in breach of the agreement?

    Their email to me states "We will continue to manage your property up until the 7th November 2019..." and was sent to me on the 4th of November which sure isn't 60 days notice!

    Has this happened to anyone else? Can anyone recommend a solid property management person or company in the Hills District area of Sydney? Has anyone dealt with Pintpoint Property in Rouse Hill, a lady called Sharon?
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    Hi GreenTreeFrog,

    You need to find out more on what's prompted your agency to move their business, (i.e. have they sold it on?) and if it was me I wouldn't sign anything until you know what's what. It looks like they are in breach of contract so you can take back the management and also assign it to your next PM. Maybe arrange a meeting with Sharon?


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    That sounds super dodgy to me. I would expect at least 4weeks notice for something like that.

    I think you need to dig out the agreement you have with them and have a detailed look through it. It may be that the agreement states that "you" need to give 60 days notice but it may not state they need to give any notice at all. Best to read all the fine print.

    Some places that may be able to help if you are stuck are the Property Managers Institute of New Zealand (search Google for this) your local CAB branch (again search Google for this) or you could ask some of your local real estate agents what they would expect the notice of termination to be.


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