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    Default Yes vote on Cannbis may help us avoid a Property crash

    With the Petty drug costing near half a billion $ in incarcerations alone, that money could be used to firm up our flailing economy.

    Selling some lamb and milk powder and some tourism where people can see how nobody in NZ uses the bin and it is 100% filled with Rubbish everywhere, in sports they paid big bucks to get to.

    We have 150%+ personal debt to GDP, thats the real problem. Yet we have Idiots like Mike Hosking who I think is a mysoganistic, agist, egotistical wannabe late Sir Paul Holmes. He cut Chloe Swarbrick off with comments like she is just too you and naive and wait until you have raised a family like he has. Of course he sits in the 50yo+ National bracket which are the section of people who are being brain washed by not only idiots like Mike and his stupid wife kate hawkesby (10 years his junior, craddle snatcher much Mike) but largely recent polls have been loaded gun questions like, is it bad for a 10yo to be allowed to buy cannabis for their parents? Not exactly that question but similar. There is a really strong left wing religous Cult behind a lot of the propaganda which is odd far left impacting far right, but it is. Had Jacinda run the referendum sooner which I think would have been more brave of her than the path she has taken which either way she cant take blame for or impact her chances of "election" as her first term was more like "Designated Survivor" on Netflix.

    Luckily Jacinda is putting a factual campaign together which will hopefully squash rubbish coming from the mouths of Mike Hosking who reads a stat and states he is smarter than Chloe Swarbrick because he is all about FACTS, what a lot of rubbish. He latched on to some negative stats from the states like drug driving has increased signifcantly. And Mike? Did you actually look at the facts on if fatalities and car crashes had increased. because the two dont correlate you MORON. Im sick of this 55yo still in mid life crisis with his Bieber hair cut from 2009 that hasnt changed for 2 decades. Act your age for cripes sake.

    Helen Clarke on Duncan Garner


    Alo we have the Helen Clarke Foundation backing the Cannabis Coaliton campaign. She states facts but instead of sounding like she is on meth like Mike Hosking when he interviews people, she puts facts into context and the real world situation. Which is we are incarcerating far too many people for cannabis and have a huge number of Maori involved, Im not going to call it targetted, but the facts look that way. The amount to keep somebody in prison for a drug that does far less harm than Alochol, Tobacco, Sugar combined. Its outrageous to push such a plant that has sooooo many positives and all the negatives are resolvable with a bit of common sense applied to laws.

    So there we have it with annual cost around $430m for cannabis alone, this would offset the GDP problem significantly and turn this from being a legal issue to a health issue as Helen Clarke states often. I don't want to live in a country where beaurarcy is put ahead of common sense and the right thing to do, or a country where a group who have 1960s Nixon propaganda stuck in their heads and Cult groups running ridiculous polls to counter a survey (which costs more money) which stated a Yes vote was well ahead of a no, and now its swung around thanks to 50yo+ National party members like Mke Hoking and his zombie brain like wife Kate who actually falls into Gen X but is part pf this mis leading smear campain,

    We have a chance to offset property market crash with a yes vote which will then have other referendums around the actual laws which have an outline at this stage but are very much refineable.

    I say listen to Helen Clarke and lets get people out of prison for petty drugs which is costing our country money which could be used to prop up the economy and if were actual income would take the 150L100 personal debt to national income (GDP). Not only this but we have the chance to increase GDP buy making more hemp products, possibly selling more low cost cannabis medications, the opportunities are endless.

    Its almost like the elderly Nat voters think economies just grow on trees and that we have near half a billion annual spending on a drug that is so far less harmful than alcohol its not even mathematically possible to equate it.

    We need to get out of the 1980s as good as they were and get realistic and smart about things like petty drugs, or should we prohibition alcohol because it is so significantly more dangerous than cannabis we cant even quantify it. Thats how darn stupid a No vote would be and would send a message to other countries how backward and incapable NZ is, lets not invest there

    I say follow Helen Clarke. Mike Hosking, Chloe is too young a female for you to actually let her speak when you interview/bully her, how about you give Helen a go, who I bet could make you feel really small Biebs.



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