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    Default Property management - tenant selection only


    Newbie here, appreciate the advice and sharing of general knowledge on this forum - thank you.

    I have a question: based in Auckland, just bought an investment property in Dunedin. We have tenants till the end of the year, need some new ones for next year. We have family in Dunedin who'd be happy to act as property managers in terms of answering tenants calls, doing e-monthly inspections etc. Day-to-day running essentially. However, they are not really comfortable with the process of advertising and selecting/vetting new tenants, which I completely understand.
    So my question is: will a professional property management company just do the tenant selection for us, is that a service they offer in isolation without then managing the property day-to-day?

    I have tried to look at their online blurb but it's not really clear.

    If they do, what sort of fee would they ask for - 2 weeks rent, or more?

    Finally, can the Dunedin experts on this forum recommend property managers in Dunedin? I hear they're a mixed bag to say the least..



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