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    Default Ring Fencing - Two IP but one Additional Owner


    I am in a situation were we have two investment properties but the owners of one property are A (50%) and B (50%). But the owners of the second property are A (1/3), B (1/3) and C (1/3).

    What are the options of ring fencing to consider the two properties as a single portfolio? I am interested form the perspectives of owners A and B.



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    It depends on who owns the two properties. If just a partnership of A and B, then half the property profit or loss will flow to A for example, they might get $5,000 profit as A's share.

    Then A will get 1/3 of new property. So if it made a 3k loss, A would get 1k loss.

    If A is on the portfolio option, then 5k profit would be offset by 1k loss, taxed on 4k overall profit.

    If normal company, Trust or other entities involved, it would give different outcomes
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