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    Thanks for the replies everyone - Its given me alot to think about

    I have been informed by tenancy services that I cannot inspect the property without giving notice to the tenants, issue being I do not have any of their contact info in order to give them notice... Essentially I cant even set foot on my own property??
    Tenancy services wont give me any of their contact info, unless I am the landlord, which ofcourse Im not because i didnt sign the tenancy agreement or bond forms... Ugh! It just keeps getting worse.

    The buyout option is an option, but he has to agree to it willingly
    I have offered to buy him out (or rather my dad has) but he has not accepted - I had first offered this over 5 months ago and have persistently reminded him the option is there.

    I had thought of moving back in to regain some control, but the house is in coromandel and Im currently in auckland living with parents as I cant afford to pay both mortgage and rent - plus alot more jobs up here.

    I think getting a different lawyer may be step no.1

    Waiting for bank to foreclose may be an option, although it would ruin my credit rating further and highly likely lose alot of money, given there hasnt been much in the way of appreciation over 1.5 years

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    Isnt getting another lawyer in this situation rather toothless?
    The courts or police probably won't get involved as its a civil matter between you and him.
    What about do bing in his activities of drug taking to the police, he gets arrested, goes to jail maybe?
    In his absence you can move back in,.
    Tricky situation, I feel for you.
    Was this chap always a bit of a druggie or maybe this is a new development?


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