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    Default Creating new bedrooms from living spaces, then selling the property.

    Hey guys, I've got what i feel is a stupidly simple question, but I can't seem to find answers anywhere...

    Say an unnecessary dining room has been converted into a bedroom (complying with Building Act and relevant legislation; i.e. window size, ventilation, fire etcetc) and no Building Consent is required because it all falls under schedule 1 exempt works, i.e. no structural elements and so on, and lastly assuming RC doesn't get triggered due to something like needing extra car parking or extra service loading (shouldn't be right?)
    Then in this scenario, at what point can the owner and real estate agent call this a 3 bedroom house? What process, if any, do you need to go through with council to update the records and inform them on the change so that this converted bedroom is a approved so that it can be sold as such?

    I understand that if you were to hold the property and rent it out then it's probably not required. But if you were to sell the house, you need to get the records updated before agents will market it as such?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!!

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    Been done by a lot of people producing pokey places.
    So long as the bedroom meets size, light and ventilation requirements you'd be good to go.
    Give the new floor plan to the council 'for the record' and sell.

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    most councils allow a report to be placed on file. Some councils call this Schedule 1 report.
    This can be a simple floor plan and a statement from you or a third party.

    this confirms the work is lawful and it is useful to tidy up the file (even for tenancy situations to cover the nonsense around unlawful acts).

    There is no legal requirement to notify council as this isn't a 'change of use' under the building act. You need to be careful with body corporate's and planning rules with some buildings restricted by resource consent


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