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    Default Bora in Vitex Hardwood?

    Hello all,

    We have a builder over who is rebuilding our decks. We decided to use Vitex hardwood for durability as well as looks.

    However, to our amazement (and the builders) there appears to be bora holes in the wood! See image attached.

    The Vitex timber was supplied by Mitre10 who are also amazed that bora can eat hardwood but attempted to remove our fears of bora infestation by telling us that the timber would have been fumigated by NZ bio security.

    We have asked for any kind of certification that the timber has been fumigated but I am not sure how successful this request will be.

    I was wondering if any others have seen bora holes in Vitex and also how can you check that timber is fumigated when you are probably the end of a long chain of suppliers.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    We have had timber (rimu) supplied complete with borer holes before. The joinery told us it was all completely normal and to be expected but would have been fumigated! Just fill the holes and you won’t notice they said!

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    The holes are normal and were likely made in the tree? Unless you find larvae (which is unlikely) these are expected


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